2019 Wine Seminars

12:30 PM. Wine and Cheese Pairing  $25

Come and explore the pairing of wine and cheese. In this seminar, Suzanne Roth from igourmet.com in West Pittston, PA will present the attributes of cheeses made from different types of milk and the underlying aging processes of each. Alexandra Swigon, Sommelière at Skytop Lodge, will discuss ways to pair these cheeses with wines.

2:00 PM  Wine and Chocolate Pairing  $25

This seminar will introduce you to the art of bean-to-bar chocolate made from pure cocoa beans from around the world.  It will also give you the chance to experience different pairings of wine and chocolate. Presented by Jeff Abella from Moka Origins, a craft chocolate maker and specialty coffee roaster in Honesdale PA and Sue Currier, Canadian Sommelière.

3:30 PM  Wines of Argentina  $25

In this seminar, Luciana Nunez, Argentinean Sommelière, will transport you to her native wine country and explore the most important grape varietals of that country including some uniquely grown there. The wines will be paired with culinary tastings from our Chef’s Kitchen.